Studying in Germany as a single parent

The search for quality education, which is considered a basic need in many societies, has led to many crossing borders in a bid for a better future. As many hold their shiny degrees to celebrate their archivements, their hearts hold the courage and perserverence they had to endure their not so easy journeys. Life in a foreign land is exciting but equally challenging for many.

Judy Kioko, a Kenyan lady living in Germany, is not the first single parent to acquire a higher education in a foreign country, and will definately not be the last. She tells us her story of how she came to Germany and decided to study. However, in the middle of her studies, she became a single parent, a situation that have caused many to put a break on their studies. Knowing very well that she could not afford to play with the great chance she had to be a student at a German university, giving up was not an option.

Never give up!!!

A foreign student at a higher learning institution in Germany has a limited period to complete a course, failure to which a person may be forced to leave the country, if he or she cannot provide any other valid reason of remaining in the country. The time given varies according to the course, the learning institution and the state in which a person lives.

While students are allowed to work during their studies, their working hours per year are limited to allow them enough time to concentrate on school. This has led to many financial challenges for many foreign students, especially those who cannot get any additional support from their home countries.

As a single parent who is studying in Germany, the challenges become grater. However, various learning institutions, NGOs and religious organisations have developed some programs to help ease some of the difficulties that foreign students face.

Despite all these challenges, Germany has become a home to many foreign students who have successfully completed their studies.

Judy is among many who have dealt with these challenges and has still manged to archieve her goal. I do hope that her experience will help inspire anyone in such a difficulty to never give up!!!

Author: Philly Yambo Makora