Fatherhood in a foreign country

Parenthood is one of the greatest and most beautiful and yet complex phenomenals of life- a vital tool in the shaping of an individual. Every parent wants and hopes to bring out the very best in their children.

Che Cidi Chukumerije is no exception. Che, an Igbo from Nigeria, started having contact with the German culture while working for a German company in his country. His career path later led him to Germany, where he now works and lives.

In a very interseting conversation, Che shares bits and pieces of his culture and how he strives to find a balance between his upbringing in Nigeria and the foreign German culture. He strives to use the best out of both to help shape the lives of his children. As with everything in life, any beautiful thing has challenges. Fatherhood in a foreign country comes with its price, but Che has found a way around it. One thing is clear though, in order to foster the life of another, one has to know and embrace who they are and the reality they live in. Che makes it clear that no societal norms should be used as an excuse to define or categorise an individual. Every single individual is unique and has something special.

Apart from being an amazing father, maintaining a career in Germany’s aviation industry, Che is a very talented writer and has published several books. Moreover, he still has time for his passion for music and has gathered alot of stage experience .

Che is also the founder of a literarture initiative called PORM (Poets and Oraters of Rhein-Main). The project aims at bringing literature lovers together to share, network and empower each other through art. As if that is not enough, he also into martial arts and has won several titles.

Checkout more on Che and his many interesting projects : https://chechidi.me/

Finally, here are parts of the wonderful conversation i was honored to have with Che:

Part 1
Part 2

Che hopes that his story will get to inspire and empower others.

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