Celebrating Africa’s rich and diverse culture through food

Africa, a great continent bursting with a cocktail of different cultures, is often underlined by misleading trajectories created by the west, that it is a mere single and simple unit. In fact, some still believe that Africa is a country! For those who didn’t know, Africa is the second largest continent, with 54 countries and over 2000 ethnic groups. Each ethnic group possess its own unique elements such as language, culture and of course cuisine. What better way to pay tribute to the rich and diverse ethnicity of our beautiful continent, than through food?

My Ethnic Cooking  & Catering (MEC) is an empowering initiative by Gillian Lwangu Piroth, a hardworking and inspiring Kenyan lady living and working in Germany. The project celebrates Africa’s diverse ethnic culture through food. Gillian currently works full-time at an international Bank and uses her free time to fulfil her love and passion for cooking. “This is a twenty-year journey,” says a beaming Gillian when asked how she turned her passion into a successful business. “My Ethnic Cooking & Catering stands for delicious, healthy African cuisine, for diversity and for our culture,” she adds. It provides a platform for African cooking experts and food lovers in general to share their culture, network and empower each other. Aside from offering catering services to different clients, Gillian also organises cooking classes with recipes from different African countries or culinary regions.

On January 11, 2020, MEC will hold an African live cooking event in Frankfurt, where delicious recipes from Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon will be cooked. There will also be a networking session where participants get to share their business ideas, exchange contacts and motivate each other. Colourful entertainment from Senegalese dancers is also part of the program. The event will be graced by the mayor of Eschborn, Mathias Geiger and the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany Dr. Esther N. Mungai, among other dignitaries. Gillian’s attention to detail and her emphasis on great quality has not gone unnoticed. Selgros Cash & Carry chain store will sponsor the event with high quality groceries. Kenyan star dj Buuchezo and MC Alan Kariuki will also be present to ensure that all guests go home thoroughly entertained. This is an event that is not worth missing. It is a small taste of what Gillian has in store for us this year and for her project in general.

What better way to spend your Saturday evening…

Determination, discipline and professionalism are some of the virtues that Gillian goes by. She is a single mother, a full-time employee in the German corporate sector and a successful entrepreneur – and she manages to play all her roles very well. This goes to show that when you believe in your dream, you can archive anything. She is a great role model indeed.

But how does one manage to be so good, so profound and professional? Find all your answers in our interview:

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