Art in times of corona

Art is part of our human soul. Like two peas in a pod. It is dreams emerging from a part of ourselves, a way to communicate with the deeper self of both the artist and others. Art has the power to invoke different emotions depending on the person, their mood, their time of life. Whenever you are happy, sad, mourning, celebrating, thinking, struggling… turn to art for solace . The best part of it, is that it can be found anywhere. Art is pictures; art is sculpture; art is the creative word; art is music, dance and even the air if you want it to be. We are all artists in our various ways, all born to be creative.

Now , this inseparable part of our existance has not been spared by the corona crisis. Many events and art projects have been cancelled to help slow down the risk of infection. While governments have rushed to cushion many businesses, in a bid to save what is left of the shrinking economies, artists do not make the priority on the lists. While some may venture in the art and culture industry as hobby, unfortunaley, for many it is a source of livelihood.

In Germany, for example, no large events are taking place for the most part of the year, therefore bringing the art and entertainment industry to its knees. But even as we remained locked in our houses, the consumption of art still goes on. Even as the industry shuts down, artists and those dependant on it continue to live. But how?

For this edition, I feature two amazing women. Both thousands of miles away from home, but the art in their hearts knows no bounderies.

Chanell Angela Manzale, originally from Gabon , and currently living in Germany, is not only an exquisite dancer, but a profi choreographer and dance teacher.Through her dance school, Manzale Dance Studio, she spreads and shares her love for dance.

Chanell Angela Manzale

Lioness Afreeka, Kenyan singer living in Italy, beams and oozes positivity through her music. Her talent knows no boundery as she strives to inspire and share with others through her talent. Chekout her fanpage.

Lioness Afreeka

I got the honor of getting the experiences of these amazing African artist in Europe.  Corona may have affected their way of showing their art, but definitely not their creativity.

Let us support our artists

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